Taking Logistics To The Next Level

Logistiqo® is a web-based Transport & Warehouse Management System.
With its cutting-edge technology, Logistiqo® allows logistic companies to run efficiently and thus attain higher profitability and operational excellence.

The Program

Web-based Transport & Warehouse Management System


All-In-One Solution

Logistiqo has all the functionality required to operate a logistics company at International Standards. It contains Order Processing, Track & Trace, Route Optimization, Scanning, Warehousing, Invoicing and Analysis.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Our software is a web-based application developed in Java. For a database we use MSSQL. Our app is Android based, because of the stability and simplicity.


Real-Time Workflow

With Logistiqo you gain transparency in your company. Let your management team analyse your data in real-time and control your entire company more efficiently.



Your Business on the next Level.

✓ Operational Excellence
✓ Improved Decision Making
✓ Customer and Supplier Intimacy
✓ Competitive Advantage
✓ Enabling new Services
✓ Cash Flow Improvements


Intelligent Functions to cover your Process.

Order Processing and Dispatch

Logistiqo covers the full process for both Hub-and-Spoke models and direct traffic. Calculate offers and capture the shipments or let your customers enter their orders online. Organize collections, linehauls and deliveries. Create manifests for tours and groupage freights. Send orders to the drivers android devices and check the status of the shipments.

  • Create and manage quotes
  • Create Manifests for Collection, Linehaul and Delivery
  • Send automated mails with shipment details to customers and subcontractors and send shipments to the driver app
  • Per shipment unlimited number of customers and freight carriers or debtors and creditors
  • Individual rates, price calculations and tariffs
  • Claim management
  • Customer portal for order entry and tracking
  • Status tracking with automatic update email to customers
  • Pallet management with accounts for carriers, companies, and drivers
  • Planning board with drag & drop
  • Import Shipment list and files, among others from SAP

Route Optimization

To manually define the order in which you want to deliver or collect, can be enormously complex and time-intensive. In this way, valuable working time and money is wasted. In addition, poorly optimized routes cost fuel, time and money. With our route optimization, you reduce travel costs and create more stops in less time.

  • Fast optimization of unlimited number of stops
  • Calculate the distance and time between each stop
  • Templates for tours
  • Indication of duration or time window per stop
  • Visual presentation of the tour on Google Maps, Map with airlining and routing
  • Selection of stops on map by marking with a polygon
  • Manual editing by drag & drop on map and in list
  • Definable intermediate stops, e.g. For reloading, etc
  • Transfer of the optimized tour to the Logistiqo driver app and subsequent route tracking

Track & Trace with Scanning

The shipments are scanned at the collection, in the depot and at the delivery. Customers can track their shipments online by typing in their Tracking-ID and follow the status. Your customers sign the collection or the delivery on the android scanner device.

  • Labeling with standardized or individual labels
  • Scan with Android smartphones or Android industrial scanners
  • Scanning of documents, shipments and parcels at collection, in depots and at delivery
  • Direct data processing and analysis
  • Graphical Status tracking for customers
  • POD
  • Sign-on-glass

Warehousing and Terminal Handling

Logistiqo's warehousing functions fit perfectly to the hub-and-spoke model. Control the collections, linehauls and deliveries. Scan while loading and unloading shipments at the terminal in the warehouse. Monitor all scannings in the warehouse in real-time. Organize your warehouse efficiently and make your inventory more simple.

  • Fast order capturing for warehouse orders.
  • Management and Administration of Depots
  • Management and Administration of Article stocks
  • Storage location management
  • Customer portal for order entry and tracking
  • Inventory
  • Register defects, damages and quantity deviations
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation
  • Print Warehouse warrant

Telematics and GPS

Let your drivers use the Logistiqo App on a mobile device. Control your asset's GPS-position on the map or on the planboard and identify further detailed data in real-time. Send text messages to your driver's mobile device to keep him updated. Alternatively you can also integrate with an existing fleet management system through interfaces.

  • GPS-tracking
  • Navigation
  • Messaging
  • Android App
  • CAN-BUS-Interface

Accounting with debtors and creditors

Right after POD the invoice is sent to the customer's email address automatically. Alternatively invoices can be checked before and then be sent manually. Organize the payments and accounts receivable and send reminders. Export the invoices to any kind of financial system.

  • Debtors and Creditors
  • Three clicks for one or more invoices
  • Collective invoice
  • Credit note procedure
  • Contracts and recurrent payments by month
  • Incoming invoices
  • Automatic invoicing on POD
  • Target/Actual comparison
  • Account assignment
  • Vehicle expenses
  • Toll and fuel card billing importable
  • Export to financial accounting, e.g. SAP

Document management

Logistiqo works in real-time, means all data will be updated immediately. The scanned data will be uploaded to the server while scanning. This will enable an efficient workflow and let you analyse and monitor your company in real-time.

  • Document directories for Shipments, customers, employees, vehicles and more
  • Easy drag and drop upload
  • Automated document storage by document name
  • Send documents directly via e-mail
  • Hourly backups
  • Legally compliant archiving

Real-Time Analysis

Logistiqo works in real-time, means all data will be updated immediately. The scanned data will be uploaded to the server while scanning. This will enable an efficient workflow and let you analyse and monitor your company in real-time.

  • Analysis and evaluation of debtors and creditors (sales and costs)
  • Summary of the shipments with information on sales, costs, revenues.
  • Vehicle costs and revenue analysis
  • Real-time data and evaluation
  • Comprehensive graphical dashboards
  • PDF-Reports
  • KPIs


Less-Than-Truckload LTL, Full-Truck-Load FTL and Warehousing.


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The App

Android App for an efficient Workflow.


✓ Working offline, thanks to integrated database
✓ Send optimized tours to the drivers
✓ Navigation to collection and delivery
✓ POD with signature and photo

✓ Multilingual: English, German, Polish and many more.
✓ GPS tracking with track recording
✓ Scanning in the warehouse and depot
✓ Intuitive and secure installation and verification

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